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Jeanette-Maya at NC Studios

Jeanette Maya
Owner & Creative Director of Native Creations Studios

Hi there, I'm Jeanette — the owner & creative director of the Brooklyn-based Native Creations Studios (“NCStudios”).  Professionally, I specialize in architecture photography and interior design. Personally, I specialize in turning clients and coworkers into friends and creative partners, caring for my plants, and perfecting the interior design of my home in Brooklyn or the layout of NCStudios.

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The long and winding road that has led me to NCStudios has taken me through ten years in the fashion industry as a fabric consultant, production fashion stylist, event planner and photographer. Most recently, I’ve discovered my adoration of interior photography, and that is what led to the creation of a space where my friends and colleagues could explore their every creative desire: NCStudios.

NC Studio New York Studio Rental and Photography Studio Showcase 12

NCStudios is a culmination of my personal and professional experiences — an ode to the photographers, models, filmmakers, and any and all creative souls that make our industry what it is.

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